4 Of The Most Popular Curries

Among the various international dishes that have made a global impact on the world’s cooking scene, curry is among the most flavorful, versatile and widely loved dishes that have been adopted by many nations across the planet. In turn, other cuisines have influenced the direction of curry, both in its native land in the Indian subcontinent, ranging from the introduction of chile peppers from Mexico to the introduction of potatoes from the Andes. The flexibility of this dish is astounding, ranging from vegetarian to meat heavy and from a mild kick of spiciness to some of the hottest food known to humanity.

However, as a dish that has been developed across several cultures over the course of several centuries, there is a wide range of different curries intended to fit a number of regions and cultures, of which there is a dizzying variety on the Indian subcontinent. Many of these cultures have their own proscriptions against certain kinds of food, from the Pakistani Islamic taboo against pork to the vegetarian diets of the heavily Jain influenced Gujarat region. Other regions find themselves with a wider diversity, though it is something of a reality that most regions in India have found multiple kinds of meat curries to their tastes. A few types of curries do stand out among the wide range of curries available.

Chicken Curry


A popular dish among those who wish to eat lighter, leaner meats without going into an entirely vegetarian dish, chicken curry is a favorite across the world. Though the chicken must be marinated overnight, most eateries serving curry tend to serve at least one chicken curry. Each eatery has its own recipes for chicken curry, oftentimes shaped by the region the cooks are from, be they Thailand, Kerala or Malaysia. One particular type of chicken curry is chicken makhani, or butter chicken. This dish was developed from traditional curries to suit the less spicy pallets of British government officials and military forces occupying India but has since gone on to become a staple of global cuisine.

Goat Curry


Though it is an uncommon meat in Western cuisine, goat is a fairly popular meat elsewhere in the world, and among these cultures where the goat is popular are a number of the Indian subcontinent’s diverse cultures. It is very popular in the Nepal and Himalayan areas of the subcontinent, as well as the West Indies islands of the Caribbean, where Indian indentured servants introduced goat curry to high acclaim and the dish has simply become a part of the islands’ traditional cuisine. While many Western diners will find goat meat to be somewhat surprising, it is actually quite flavorful and goes very well with a good curry recipe.

Vegetarian Curry


These are curries composed entirely of vegetables, again often originating in the heavily Jain influenced Gujarat region where most fortified food is built on a vegetarian ideal. Still, in the West, the rising popularity of vegetarianism has caused many eateries to create their own vegetable curries that come in a wide range of mixtures of vegetables. On something of a surprising note, many of these curries include cubed potatoes, a vegetable that is not native to the Indian subcontinent, but proved quite popular with the people of the region when it was introduced.

Pork Curry


Coming in a wide variety of forms, pork curry is well known as the backbone of a Goan curry recipe called vindaloo. Though true vindaloo is exclusively pork meat, some Western cooks have adapted it to similar meats. Still, there is nothing quite like true pork vindaloo and barring ethical or religious taboos, it is certainly worth a try.

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