You Don’t Have To Be In India To Enjoy Indian Cuisine – A Guide To Some Of The Best Indian Restaurants In South Africa!

Indian cuisine is popular all over the world and with good reason. Full of flavor, spice, aroma and goodness, Indian dishes have to be tried to be really appreciated.

From those of us who can’t get enough heat, to those who have a more tame and mild preference when it comes to food, Indian cuisine has a perfect dish to match any taste buds, no matter how fussy they may be!

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel all the way to India to enjoy authentic and traditional Indian food. Pretty much any city you travel to in the world will have an Indian restaurant in one form or another. South Africa is no exception to that rule.

So if you live in South Africa and are keen to tuck into a tasty Indian meal, or if you are planning to travel to South Africa and want to have a few great restaurants lined up before you go, the following restaurant guide is going to prove very useful. Of course, there are many Indian-style restaurants in South Africa, but we want to tell you about a few that may just be the best of the bunch.



These guys tell us that they serve, ‘arguably the finest Indian cuisine on planet earth’ . Are they justified in their claim? You will just have to go and find out for yourself! To give you an idea, though, let us tell you a little about Bukhara.

Imagine everything that you know about the glitz and glam of Bollywood, then try to conjure up the exact opposite; that pretty much sums up Bukhara. From the elegant marble flooring to the classical and traditional atmosphere, these guys want you to step into the real and traditional Indian life.


When most of us think about Indian food we picture that corner Indian takeaway shop, Bukhara, however, takes that perception to a whole new level. It’s all about ambiance, aroma and giving the taste buds a memorable culinary experience. If this sounds like your type of dining, then Bukhara will likely meet with your approval and more.

Thava Indian Restaurant


Located in Johannesburg, this Indian dining experience has earned itself a Certificate Of Excellence award on TripAdvisor, and with good reason! Renowned for its cozy, welcoming and relaxed vibe, this a restaurant where you can chill out, feast on Indian goodness and linger over conversation with friends or family.

If you plan to head to this restaurant, booking in advance is always recommended, otherwise, you may find yourself waiting a little while. Once you do have a table and place your order, however, you can expect fast service from friendly and attentive staff.


Korma, Rogan Josh, Marsala, whatever tickles your fancy in Indian cuisine, you will likely be able to order it here. One more recommendation; don’t forget to order plenty of naan bread, it may very well be the best you have ever tried!

Geet Indian Restaurant


Geet‘ in the Indian language means melodious poem, and there is every chance that your stomach would agree with every pat of this meaning. The food served here will certainly have your taste buds singing with pleasure!


The staff at this restaurant want to use their extensive menu, delicious cocktails and excellent knowledge of Indian cuisine,to take you on a very memorable journey of taste. A word of advice for a visit to this restaurant; don’t feel overwhelmed by the huge choice on the menu. The waiters are very knowledgeable and passionate about their food. Call one over and ask them to explain the menu and make recommendations, once you taste the food, you’ll be glad you did!

So there is no doubt that Indian food is popular the world over. If you live in South Africa or have a planned visit there, it’s more than possible for you to take a step into India, at least for one night! Be sure to check out some of the best Indian restaurants in South Africa online, then when you do arrive, you’ll know exactly where to make your reservation!

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